back on that pony

I don’t know if you knew this, but this blog costs me skrilla.  That’s urban talk for “money”.  I was prompted to renew my domain and wasn’t sure what I should do after a year of neglecting it.  Little to no logical consideration or Venn diagrams later, I decided to let them charge my debit card again.  I do this only because I’m working on the commitment to doing what I love.  It’s hard, y’all.  I care about a lot of stuff.  However, I probably also use the word “care” loosely.  Only because I know a lot of people doing obsessively crazy and important shit in honor of that which they love.  I’m not there.  I can’t even make it to yoga twice a week or choose a nail color.  Maybe I lack the ability to commit.  There, I said it.  The older you get, the harder it is to admit stuff like that.  You hover around the age of 30 and feel like all the things you struggled with when you were 20 shouldn’t exist anymore.  These things sometimes make you feel embarrassed, because you should have had it all figured out by now,  Like, you should be waking up at the crack of dawn, seated at a kitchen table with the Bible and a cup of coffee on your swamp ass — swamp ass because you’re doing all of this is AFTER you ran 8 miles on the treadmill.  You guys, I just got a kitchen table 6 days ago.  For free.  From my roommate’s mom.  How on earth do you become a disciplined person?  And more importantly, is this person ever allowed to drink wine for dinner?  I don’t know.  But I digress.

The original point of this was to say hello again.  It’s also me saying I’m going to try to get my money’s worth with this blog and maybe commit to something.  But only maybe.  Realistically, I’ll probably use it every few months to tell some stories about how not together I have it and the details surrounding what I ate for lunch yesterday.  It’ll be fun, guys.  Can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “back on that pony

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I will be 61 next week (yikes!) and I still have a hard time committing, oddly enough, to things that are good for me. Glad you’re back!

  2. i say this with love, coby. but i kinda hope you never get your shit together. because the truth is: no one has their shit together. but the few who are candid enough and honest enough to admit it – they make this world go ’round. (and make my morning blog reads soooo entertaining.) love you. please, please don’t get your shit together soon.

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