the first: the plan.

This is a very predictable first post.  I’m saying “hello”.  I’m letting you know this exists and it will continue to do so until I get bored or boring.  I’ve also had 2 glasses of wine and cannot be held responsible for what is said now or ever after.  A few disclaimers I thought I should be up front about:  first, I’m going to cuss a little.  It’s a problem, and I’m working on it.  I’ll probably also post pictures about my outfits and what I eat.  I’m so sorry about that, y’all.  Please don’t stop loving me.  When I was thinking of the vision of le blog, I couldn’t decide.  I just knew that I wanted to keep a healthy distance from the too-serious most of the time.  And so here is the project nutshell:  new shit.  I’m going to do new shit on a regular basis and write about how it goes.  Most likely I will fail miserably at what I try and end up with a story to tell.  But sometimes I might actually go somewhere you want to go or make something you want to eat.  In those cases I’ll be really demanding and insist that you do.  However, I won’t make any promises.  So don’t count on me or anything.  But come back.  We’re in a relationship now.  A committed one.

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